Cápsulas para botellas de cava, vino y aceite.

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  • Cava Complex

    Cápsulas complex para botellas de cava, gran variedad de colores y medidas. 87mm, 90mm, 110mm, 124mm.

  • Vino Retráctil

    Cápsulas retráctil para botellas de vino. Gran variedad de colores.

  • Vino Complex

    Cápsulas complex para botellas de vino. Gran variedad de colores.

  • Sealing wax

    Synthetic sealing:

    Special for manual or automatic bottle encapsulation. This sealing wax, being flexible, is cut with a knife or bottle opener without chipping pieces, it easily peels off the glass. It is also used for paper if it is desired that the sealing does not break during its handling. Good adhesion to paper and porous materials, low density, with a matte appearance, very flexible and shock resistant.

  • Cava Aluminio

    Cava and wine capsules, complex, aluminum and thermo-retractable.

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