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  • Chromatography analytical pack

    Price €100.55

    Analytics to determine the malic acid fermentation process (Malo-Lactic Fermentation, FML) in wines.

    It includes:

    1x 250 mL developer

    50x paper strips

    1x petri dish kit

    1x bracket

    1x bell

    1x bag 10 Pasteur pipettes

  • Volatile acidity

    Price €13.98

    Volatile acidity Na OH N / 49, 500ml

  • Sulphur analysis pack

    Price €72.06

    Pack of reagents for the determination of free and total sulfur (SO2) in wines, musts, champans, vinegars, ciders, ... by the Ripper method


    1x 1000 SOL. VALUATION

    1x 1000 ACID


    1x 1000 ALCALI


  • Sugar Analysis Pack

    Price €87.12

    Sugar analysis pack (reducing materials) AAZ

    The simplest analytical for the detection of sugars in wines, cavas, sparkling wines, ciders, beers ...

    Original pack. Marketed since 1980.


    1x 250 Alkaline Solution

    1x 500 Acid

    1x 500 Iodide

    1x 500 Cupric Solution

    1x 500 Indicator Starch

    1x 1000 Assessment Solution

    1x pumice tube + instructions

  • Silicone pumice stone

    Price €14.28

    Silicone pumice stone. Boiling regulator with defoamer.

    Ideal for volatile acidities or any distillation.