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Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE!!!

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We are celebrating and we want to start the year with great enthusiasm and strength with our totally renewed online platform.

With great power comes great responsibility, and for our team, all the blood, sweat and wine we have put in, we are proud to be able to see the birth of a new and improved tool to bring the world of wine closer to the greatest number of people.

We wanted to focus the first entry in our blog on welcoming you, informing you of our total availability and explaining a little more about us and the way we work:

The Establiments Domingo Group has been satisfying users/clients for more than 40 years with a great team of professionals mobilized by a single sense: There is never and will never be a no for an answer to our clients' needs.

The world of wine, beer and oil production can have many different variants, methodologies and machinery. That is why our mission is to inform, make accessible and satisfy every retailer or wholesaler in the production and realization of this wonderful sector. 

All this would not be possible if it were not for our strong, constant and fighting family business culture, reinforced by our 4 fundamental
values: Responsibility, commitment, trust and professionalism.


Being responsible means making decisions and acting to put these decisions into action, which lives in us and empowers each one of us in the team to fulfill the tasks, deadlines and satisfaction of every person who decides to enter our house.


We look out for and for our collaborators, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers at the same level in order to achieve a healthy, simple and mutually beneficial working relationship in any of the aspects that characterize us.


Trust is one of the values we respect the most, generating a working environment more than favorable for teamwork, meeting objectives and increasing productivity in an easy, familiar and open way.


Our way of being and above all our client, has led us to increase our levels of self-demand. We have a team of people, each one trained in their specific technical field, to be able to give our customers the security of choosing our company as their first choice as a supplier and provider of wine-making services.

The team welcomes you once again and thanks you for trusting us.

Happy and prosperous 2022


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