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  • Shipping box for 3 anonymous vertical bottles + 1 accessory

    Price €1.76

    Reinforced cardboard box for 3 bottles of wine or cava.  The bottles are placed in 1 case for 3 bottles each, which are placed inside the box and act as reinforcement and protection for the good protection.

    Ideal box for the safe transport of the bottles.

  • 25L fermentation bucket

    Price €11.04

    Plastic bucket with a capacity of 25L for fermenting beer. Does not include a tight fitting lid. 

  • Liquor dispenser 2/4cl

    Price €6.90

    Practical 40/20ml measuring cup designed for dispensing alcohol and spirits into glasses and drinks, providing efficiency and accuracy when dispensing alcohol for cocktails.  Made of stainless steel, it is strong and durable. Very useful in bars, hotels, home and others. 

  • Conic Cork 1/4L

    Price €0.11

    Conic cork  made of agglomerated cork, especially suitable for 1/4 L demijohns.

  • Silicone boot plug number 5

    Price €4.67


    • Ø bottom: 20mm
    • Upper Ø: 21mm
    • Height: 25mm 
  • Glass Carafe 3L Dama

    Price €14.52

    Material: recycled glass
    Volume: 3Lts
    Measurements: 17Ø x35h
    Plastic cap with thread included

  • Black beer crown cap 26Ø

    Price €2.72

    Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your beer bottles with our black 26 mm diameter bottle caps. Perfectly designed to ensure an airtight seal, these caps not only maintain the freshness and flavor of your beer but also give it a professional and attractive finish.

    They can be sealed with our Super and Eco crown cappers.

  • Abbey amber beer 33cl bottle (36u)

    Price €14.77

    Discover the perfect solution for your need of bottling with our blister pack of 36 bottles of 33 cl amber coloured . Designed to preserve the quality and flavour of the beer. These blisters are suitable for craft breweries or home brewers.

    Bottling blisters: clean and hygienic.

  • "ECO" beer kit

    Price €59.29

    A home brewing kit is a set of essential tools designed to facilitate the home brewing process. 

    This kit includes: Fermenting Bucket, Yeast, Density Meter, Airlock, Stirring Paddle, Bottle Cleaning Brush, Flask and Fermenting Bucket Tap.

    This kit, while not including malt, provides the essentials for the first steps in home brewing. Users will need to purchase malt and additional ingredients (such as hops and water) separately.

  • Cherry Fruit Box 2 kg

    Price €0.67

    The cherry box is specially designed to hold up to 2 kg of cherries, perfect for maintaining freshness and protecting your favourite fruits during transport and storage.

    Capacity: 2 kg of cherries

    Material: Recyclable and resistant cardboard

    Dimensions: 29 cm long, 19.5 cm wide, 11.5 cm high.

    Colour: Natural with printed details

    Design: Optimal ventilation to maintain the freshness of the cherries

    boxes are delivered assembled

  • Bag 1 bottle 75 cl black cloth

    Price €0.47

    The 1-bottle tote bag is an ideal accessory for those who want to carry their favorite wine bottle with style and elegance.

    It is made of a resistant and durable material called non-woven, which is eco-friendly and has a heat-sealed finish for added durability. Additionally, it features a sturdy die-cut handle with reinforcement, allowing you to carry your 75 cl wine bottle with safety and comfort.

    This bag is perfect for promoting your brand or business. It is an excellent choice for corporate gifts, events, or trade shows. Furthermore, its elegant and modern design makes it suitable for any occasion, whether it's a picnic, a dinner with friends, or a business meeting.

    Want to customize the bag for your business? Contact us!

  • Case of 1 bottle of wine / champagne kraft

    Price €0.80

    Welcome to the elegant world of the single bottle wine and champagne case in kraft brown!

    Discover the perfect combination of style and functionality with our case, designed to highlight the uniqueness of your favorite bottle. Crafted from high-quality materials, this case offers an impeccable presentation that complements any special occasion.

    The distinctive kraft brown color adds a touch of rustic sophistication, perfect for those who appreciate beauty in simplicity. Its compact design ensures safe and elegant transportation, while its sturdy construction protects your wine or champagne bottle from impacts and extreme temperatures.

    Whether for gifting or for your personal collection, our single bottle case is the ideal choice for wine lovers who value quality and style. Elevate your tasting moments with this essential accessory that reflects your good taste and passion for wine.

    Make a statement of style with our single bottle case in kraft brown and let yourself be charmed by its timeless appeal!