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  • Bottle for carbonated drinks 1L

    Price €1.50

    Key Features:

    • Generous Capacity: With its one-liter capacity, this bottle is perfect for bottling carbonated drinks, water, and refreshing beverages.

    • Integrated Cap: Forget about losing the cap. The classic design of the mechanical cap ensures that the cap always stays attached to the bottle, making it easy to open and close, keeping your drink fresh and bubbly for longer.


    • Prolonged Freshness: Thanks to its integrated cap, your soda will stay fresh and retain its full carbonated flavor.

    • Convenience: Ideal for picnics, office lunches, or simply at home, ensuring you always have a refreshing drink on hand. Additionally, you can bottle sparkling wines up to 2 bars of pressure or still wines.

    • Durability: The bottle's sturdy material withstands drops and bumps, offering long-lasting use.