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  • 3 spout bottle filler

    Price €133.29

    It allows filling three bottles at the same time, regulating both the filling level and the liquid pressure. The flow stops automatically when the bottle is full.

  • Wooden key for cava disgorging

    Price €45.28

    Wooden handle tap for manual disgorging of sparkling wine bottles.

  • Capsuling machine for enamelled shrink capsules

    Price €126.19

    Small machine, with 220W voltage and a resistance that adjusts the temperature of the capsule to the bottle of wine.

    Practical and efficient.

  • transfer machine quick start 34.5-150cm

    Price €8.83

    Ideal for beer and semi-sparkling wines. Feeding tube diameter 10 mm, length 150 cm, with rigid filling tube, check valve and anti-foam device. Including tube holder clip and anti-sediment system. Rigid suction tube 24 mm in diameter and 34.5 cm long.

  • 220V electric transfer machine

    Price €111.73

    Ideal for transferring or bottling wine, beer, oil or other food liquids up to 100 l/h. Rigid suction tube 15 mm diameter, 80 cm long, with anti-sediment system. Flexible tube 10x13 mm diameter, 130 cm long, outlet tube 10 mm diameter and 4 cm long.

  • Flexlabeller Evoluzione manual labeller

    Price €789.53

    Revolutionary in its work system, the Flexlabeller Evoluzione manual labeller radically changes the marking method. Abandoned the flywheel system this labeller is extraordinary, fast and precise. With a simple movement the label adheres to the required bottle. Easily fits all cylindrical vessels with a diameter of 50mm and 120mm.

  • Eco crown capper

    Price €26.62

    Simple cava and / or beer capper with greater effort to cap the bottles. It has a mechanism similar to the super crown capper. Designed for small productions.

    29 mm for cava and 26 mm for beer capper incluided

  • ENOLMATIC Universal Filler

    Price €489.20

    Semi-automatic vacuum filling machine, practical and fast, has the possibility to adjust the liquid level inside the bottle.

    The plastic spout has a shorter stem which limits the formation of foam during the bottling process. If the fluid exceeds the set level, it is channelled into the recovery container, ready for reuse.

    The package includes the food-grade plastic nozzle and flexible hoses for connecting hoses.

    Wine production: 250 bottles/h, Oil production: approx. 150 bottles/h, Liqueur production: approx. 200 bottles/h

    Power supply: 220 V 

  • Manual air capper CS - MEB

    Price €1,470.15

    Tabletop capper for pre-smoothing and smoothing of capsules in cava and sparkling bottles
    For 0.75cl bottles
    Production: 300/600 bot / hour
    Pneumatic supply: 6 bar
    Weight: 8.100kg

  • Stackable drainer with base

    Price €9.11

    Bottle drainer with 16 slots for wine/beer bottles (75cl) and 25 beer bottles (33cl) with stacking seats

    Bottles not included in the pack

  • Super crown capper

    Price €163.35

    Robust and easy to cork cava and / or beer capper that holds and compresses the crown cap "plate" on the bottle. It is used for the second fermentation in the cava process. It can also be used to put the muzzle on the bottle.

  • inclined manual disgorging machine

    Price €578.38

    Manual disgorger for the removal of frozen dirt from the neck of the bottle. 

    Production: 300 bottles/hour

    Dimensions: 48x48x135 mm

    Weight: 23 kg